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Are there really Mega Millions Secrets?

Yes and No.  Yes, if you are looking for smarter ways to play Mega Millions;  No, if you are looking for a magic bullet that delivers Mega Millions First Prize every week.

The sensible option is to look for Smart Plays that deliver a Mega Millions win of some kind – on this blog we will show you a couple of ways to get a head start with Guaranteed Winning Numbers for Mega Millions.

We also show you the Mega Millions Statistics you must know if you are serious about improving your odds of winning Mega Millions.

Finally, we will show you the Mega Millions Strategies that improve your odds of winning Mega Millions.

But of course you need to know why you should take any notice of what I say.  I have won a Lotto First Prize twice, plus many other significant wins.  And if you can get Free Advice from a Real Lottery winner, shouldn’t you be listening?

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No-one can Guarantee you the Mega Millions First Prize – But we will show you the “Mega Millions Smart Plays.”

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This Mega Millions Magic website covers MegaMillions Systems, Stats, Strategies and much more – check back soon!

Mega Millions Odds

The Mega Millions Odds for First Prize are 1 in 175,711,538.

However, the odds of getting 5 numbers from any 56 are just 1 in 3,819,816.

The overall Mega Millions odds are calculated by multiplying the 3,819,816 x 46, to arrive at 175,711,538.  This is because every single one of the 3,819,816 possible 5 ball combination in 56 numbers can be matched with every single one of the 46 Mega balls.

Why is this important to helping you improve your Mega Millions Odds?  Well, if you play all 46 Mega Balls, you have one ticket (the one with the correct Mega Ball) where your overall Mega Millions odds have reduced from 175,711,538 to 3,819,816 – by anybodies standards, a pretty massive advantage.

If you play 46 random games, you may or may not get the Mega Ball.  Why risk it, when with 5 minutes marking all 46 Mega Balls you can guarantee it and improve your Mega Millions Odds?

How To Beat Mega Millions Odds

Here is an interesting Fox News video on the 2011 $355 Million Mega Millions Jackpot, including a segment on Mega Millions Odds.  In particular, watch the segment from around 1 minute 20 for info on the Mega Millions  “Cash Option” and the tax implications – nobody gets to keep the entire jackpot.


Tuesday’s Mega Millions Jackpot Soars to $355M:

The “Cash Option” amount is around $224 million, but that is reduced by Federal and State taxes.  The “Annuity Amount” is roughly $13.6 million every year for 26 years.

I guess you need to conquer the Mega Millions Odds of  1 in 175,711,538 before you have to worry about Cash Options, Annuities and Taxes – but do not make plans to spend the entire advertised Mega Million Jackpot :-)

Winning Mega Millions Prizes

In this post we look at the Winning Mega Millions Prizes Structure – And how it can help you!

If you just have the Mega Ball, you have a winning Mega Millions ticket.  It may be small, but it is better than no win – this is why we recommend playing a minimum of 46 Mega Millions games covering all 46 Mega Balls.

However, you also have a chance of winning Mega Millions ticket for both 1 main number + the Mega Ball and for 2 main numbers + the Mega Ball.   This is why we recommend upgrading to playing 50 Mega Millions games that guarantee at least 2 of the 5 main balls and allow you to play all 46 Mega Balls (plus 4 a second time).

To get a First Prize winning Mega Millions ticket, you simply must have the Mega Ball – another reason it is critical to play all 46 Mega Balls.

However,the 50 game entry we recommend has a big secret advantage.  As well as guaranteeing at least 2 of the 5 main balls, your 50 Mega Millions games also include all 56 main balls at least 4 times each.  This means your 50 games include a minimum of 20 winning Mega Millions numbers from the main 5.

Because of this, your chances of a winning Mega Millions ticket with 1 main plus the Mega Ball are significantly increased.

It is this organized structure that significantly  improves you chances of winning Mega Millions.  Each Mega Millions prize pays more if you have the Mega Ball, ie, 3 main balls plus the Mega Ball pays out more than 3 main balls alone.  Because of this we recommend two things:

  • Make sure you have the Mega Ball and
  • Optimize your entry to get 2 or more main balls guaranteed.

There is no guarantee that you will get more than 2 main balls together, but the line that has the two guaranteed main balls obviously has 3 more numbers.  This means you have a 3-in-54 chance of advancing beyond 2 main numbers, and you have guaranteed the Mega Ball is in the mix somewhere.

My Second Winning Lotto Check for Winning Mega Millions website

Second Shared Winning Lotto Group Entry Check

For most people, this 50-game entry is the best we can do to improve our chances of winning Mega Millions within a reasonable budget – and even then we suggest sharing the cost with friends.

How To Guarantee at least 2 main Winning Mega Millions Numbers together

Winning Mega Millions Odds

The Odds for Winning Mega Millions First Prize are 1 in 175,711,538.

Now, cracking a one-in-a-million shot is a big ask for anyone – but winning Mega Millions is 175 times harder!

So, the sensible questions is, “How do I improve my odds of winning Mega Millions?

The first stage is to determine how many games are required for a win of some kind.

There really is no rocket science to this – but so few people do it.  My first Free Winning Mega Millions Tip:  Play 46 games, using all of the Mega Balls, and you are guaranteed to have a winning Mega Millions entry of some kind. I recommend partnering with others, to spread the cost of playing 46 games.

My success has been partly about organizing lottery numbers to the best advantage, but also organizing partners to spread the cost of playing organized lotto systems.  If you are serious about winning Mega Millions, I suggest you copy this strategy.

However, I would push on slightly past 46 games, to 50 games.

In 50 games, you can guarantee at least two Winning Mega Millions balls together from the main five.

So, in just 50 games, you have guaranteed a minimum of two Winning Mega Millions prizes – one for 2 or more numbers from the main 5, plus one from a guaranteed Mega Ball.

Now negative, cynical people will say that’s not much.  But, if you are going to play anyway, guaranteed small prizes are a better option than no winning Mega Millions prizes.  Positive people will look at it this way:  In just 50 games, we have a head start of at least 2 of the main 5 winning Mega Millions numbers and the Mega Ball is guaranteed (it is not however guaranteed to line up with the 2 main winning Mega Millions numbers).  Depends on whether you see the glass as half full or half empty.

Winning Mega Millions

Mega Millions Queue, Photo by Courtesy of Reuters

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In the next article, we will look at the Winning Mega Millions Prize Structure – And show you just how effective your 50-game entry can be.

Check back soon for more on Winning Mega Millions.

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